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Frances Yeardley  -  Training Philosophy

I have ridden with and learned so much from many wonderful people.  Foremost Jiri 'George' Zitek, Kay Meredith, Isabel Judet, Michele Gibson, Vladimir 'Tom' Valter,  Jo Struby and many more.

I don't subscribe to any 'one' system or program. Each horse and rider are unique, and must be treated as such. I believe that dressage need not be so philosophical, theoretical, or complicated as to be incomprehensible.  My goal is to help students reach their goals, and to help them learn to become a thinking rider, able to find solutions for themselves.

Horses in training get the basics down solid before moving on to more difficult work. And they are treated as family here.

Even though dressage is very demanding of both horse and rider, it should also be a happy endeavor for both, with goals attained though logical progressions.

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